Indoor Cat Initiative

So I am not really in the mood to blog about x-mas just yet.

One of the cats peed on the aerobed Friday so today they were off to the vet. After that David dragged the boys down to the basement for the night. When Milford starting acting funny Saturday I tried to carry him downstairs. Below is my "Nelly" band-aid covering where he impaled me. Forgot he still had those back claws.

Apparently Milford is stressed and is holding it in. AKA refusing to go to the bathroom so that while he is sleeping he loses control. This has caused him to have a bacterial infection. So he is going to be on meds for the next month or so to get rid of that.

The vet also recommended aroma therapy. I would scoff at this and will not mind if all of you readers out there do, but hey, I will try anything to keep the rest of my furniture as is. So tomorrow it is off to find these plug-in thingies that release "kitty mom" pheromones. And also a third litter box which apparently we have to put in a new location. No location is ideal. I guess we will have to suffer through having it in the master bathroom.

In the meantime we have shut all of the doors and put aluminum foil on the love seat and chair to discourage the cats from sleeping there. I am not brave enough to put out the new throw rug we got for Christmas.

The vet also recommended checking out this site:
Lots of nifty ideas on how to keep your indoor kitty happy.
This is all extremely frustrating because we already spoil these two rotten.

Yesterday I did manage to get in 20 minutes on my new toy!!! (Clarification, the trainer is the new toy :) I already had my cool bike! (A Giant OCR2))

And I FINALLY sat down and planned out my Boston training and the base phase of my Steelhead training.

More on that later.


D said...

I hope you had a nice Christmas despite your mentioned issues. That is so frustrating. I hope the problem is remedied soon! (Cool new toy!)

S. Lynne Fremont said...

It was probably the move that stressed him out. Once you take care of the infection with the meds, he will probably calm down after he gets used to the place.

Sal said...

That sucks! But aluminum-covered furniture is kind of cool. It's like living in a Grandma's house of the future... Also, you could keep pizza warm with your cushions. Awesome!

Hey, did you ever end up checking out the Y or any of the other local gyms?

CJ said...

Cool bike - I like it. So what is it?

We have a semi-indoor cat so I checked out the website - thanks for that.

Curly Su said...

awesome that you got a trainer! sorry about your boys...good luck with that.
feel free to take those same tables, you know...definitely not me you're copying. :)

Flatman said...

That couch doesn't look very comfortable...

Sweet bike!

A. M. Mericsko said...

Got to love the things that we do for our pets! I hope it gets better soon!

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

The foil actually makes a very bold style statement ;-)

Glad to see the bike made it indoors and is ready for some attention! Best of luck during your base training - Steelhead is an awesome event to be working towards!!!

Keryn said...

I'm impressed that you're trying to fix the boys' issues rather than just getting rid of them. Most people wouldn't put up with pets peeing on furniture.

Nice toy! Merry Christmas!

iliketoast said...

Foil ... reminds me of the movie with Mel Gibson called Signs. Allegedly, the foil prevented the aliens reading minds. Maybe the cats are trying to tell you something about the couch. I don't seem to be making sense, sorry. We have a rubber snake coiled on the day bed and this works .... so far.

Tammy said...

I looked up Steelhead... half-IM! Cool. I just saw we have one here locally in '06...Lake Stevens. Something to think about, but I don't think I'll be ready by this summer.

Oh, and I did see Rent on stage. Awesome!

Rae said...

Nothing beats curling up on a cozy aluminum foil couch with a good book! Ha! That's too funny. The aromatherapy sounds very interesting, if it works run with it!! Why not? Did the move disturb the cats? When I first saw your pic I thought you were going to have a post about how in 06 you were going to try to break a bad smoking habit!!