Looking For That Special Gift?

Give a gift that helps out one of my fave charities! Turpentine Creek!

They have opened an online store now Suhweet!

I have been down to Turpentine Creek a few times with my family and husband. We have pictures with BamBam, Heather, Joann, and KC.

I fell in love with Vada on my first visit and on our next visit Kenny. White tigers have always been my favorite cats and black leopards are a close second.

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit on your next vacation Eureka Springs Arkansas is an awesome little town! And as an added bonus you can stop by and visit my kitties and even schedule a photo shoot with one of the tigers or cougars! (If you do end up at Turpentine Creek please say hi to Patricia the secretary for me!) We miss you Patti!

If any of your loved ones love big cats any of these items would make an excellent gift and you would be helping out these wonderful animals too!

If you are still looking for something for me I am of course partial to the items featuring Kenny :)


Susan said...

Eureka Springs is lovely. I haven't been to see the kitties yet, my next trip I promise I will. We go once a year.

Tammy said...

Vada is gorgeous!!!

E-Speed said...

awesome susan! you have to visit them for sure!

Tammy-yes Vada is amazing.