Back to our regularly scheduled program

Temp: 23F
Wind: 19 MPH
Feels Like: 9F
Gas prices are on the rise...
Why do I run? TO STAY WARM!

Got out tonight for a semi-easy run with the Tuesday crowd. B didn't give us a break even though CK was missing in action and we still did hill repeats. I challenged myself tonight and stayed with B and B2 on three of the 4 repeats. I died on the last one. Next week maybe :) It was pretty icy out, especially on the trail on the first hill. We were literally taking baby steps up the first loop around. We moved to the road for the hill repeats.

1st 2 mile loop plus a little: 21:20.89
2 mile marker to the hill: 1:30.23
Hill Repeats (up,down)
1: 1:00.20, 1:51.54
2: 57.35, 1:44.67
3: 53.01, 1:47.73
4: 55.93
Rest of the 2 mile loop: 16:41.38 (S had a GPS tracker that said we were at 4.6 miles here, 48:56 so far)
2 mile loop: 18:45.23
Total Time 1:08:27 approximately 6.6 miles average pace:10:22 blah. Like I said we were taking it easy. (Except for the hills where I was obviously running my a$$ off)

I wore two technical long sleeved shirts tonight, a cheap pair of tights, my new underarmour fleece pants over those, gloves, a medium weight jacket, and a head warmer. I ended up shedding the jacket and the gloves and was quite comfortable. My legs felt great, nice and cozy in my new underarmour, and since I was wearing two layers those weren't sweaty and were a nice cozy alternative to my jeans for dinner at Hoggies afterwards :) I broke down and got ribs tonight, they were excellent. Does anyone else feel that they go out, get in a good run, then throw it all away by eating whatever the heck they feel like? That is totally my case. Thank goodness I love running so much or I definitely would not fit into half my clothes!


Bolder said...

i don't get it... i always pay attention to what you wear ever since you said you have a book that tells you what to wear ... windchill down to 9F and your hands aren't cold? maybe i need to get that book!

i had to switch off fatty burritos the size of my head and bottomless Dr. Peppers at Chipotle for that same reason...

just keep reading Chris Carmichaels Eat Right to Train Right 'food as fuel', and it smacks me back to a good place.

but, oh, ribs.... oh.

Sal said...

You like running right? And you like to eat? Sounds like a win-win to me 8)

iliketoast said...

It is not so much about throwing it all away by eating whatever for me ...but it is "I'm too scared to stop running in case I puff out into the michellan man" ... I guess it's sort of the same thing! I kid myself by drinking "low-carb beer".

CJ said...

Isn't that why we run - so we can eat things like ribs....or chocolate!!!!

How do you guys run on icy surfaces - I'd be scared of slipping and breaking something.

Have a happy and safe Christmas and a wonderful new year. May 2006 bring you lots of happiness and a few PBs!!!

The Clyde said...

The Clyde raises his hand high about the eating comment as he's stuffing his face with a soft taco from Taco Bell

..also thanks for the TNT advice a few posts ago, I took a look and there is one like 6 miles from house for the 1/2 Ironman (Steelhead) I'm doing this year...can't wait to go to the 1st meeting.

Cliff said...

Hmm ribs...

isn't this what u call recovery food? Ribs = protien. And you need portien to repair your muscles right? Especially after the hill repeats.

Tammy said...

Yeah, now that I gave away all my non-running size pants I have to keep running to stay this new size! Otherwise, I'll have to shop again... gasp!

I'll keep running :)

Steven said...

I'm guilty of going for a long run to make up for eating bad...or planning to eat bad/a lot! And going out when it is 9* outside?? You are a Fem-Stud!

Josh said...

Nope... you have to look at the post-run meals as a celebration of you accomplishment :) Otherwise, we're all probably in big trouble.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Nice job on the hill repeats! It has been so hard to just get out there and run, let alone hill repeats!

I am definitely one that runs to eat. Always have been. I am a lover of food.

E-Speed said...

aack- I just lost my page long comments to everyone! Thank you all so much for stopping by and I will reply later I promise!

Rae said...

Same here! I feel like my running balances my eating!! Normally we do eat pretty well, but it seems like we've had WAY too many holiday goodies lately!!

Happy Holidays!

E-Speed said...

bold- I think it would have to be 20 below before I would be able to keep gloves on- just chalk that up to me being odd!

Sal- Yep, I thinking the eating outweighs the running quite often ;)

cj- run very gingerly! Most of the trail isn't icy, just a few spots, and I just slow way down and try to stay vertical!

dj- awesome! Your group is doing steelhead?

cliff- definitely! I Needed! those ribs ;)

tammy- I hate shopping so I better stay this size for a long time!

thanks steven :)

very true josh :)

buckeye- i actually choose to return to races that have good food :)

rae- I have definitely overindulged this holiday!