Through clever deductions I located the bedskirt. Lo and behold it was actually in a semi logical place. Someone decided it should go in the linens closet with all of our extra sheets and bedding. Imagine my surprise finding something in a place it might actually belong! Wonders never cease to amaze! (did I get that right Eostre? I almost wrote wonders never cease!)

Last night I got in a quick run to the video store and back. I went a little extra around the next block to check out those houses and holiday lights. Nice houses but none of them have cute enclosed porches like all the houses on our street :)


The Spandex-King said...

Moving!! You find stuff you forgot you had, you lose stuff you were sure you had. Ya gotta love it!!

The King

Bolder said...

you're welcome.

of course, i knew it was in the closet, but, telling you that would not have given you the satisfaction you are now feeling.

i went with word association, it's in a box, allowed you to free associate, and learn for yourself that it's actually in a clost.

no need to thank me, i'm here to help.

p.s. good vid, continuing in the mission impossible genre, impressive finds.