2006 Training Calender

Okay so word did not copy into the post real well. So I turned it into a pdf then converted to jpg. I make no promises on clarity! (If you click on each individual month a better more visible image will come up)

My major race line up puts me with some overlapping training schedules. For now I just have marathon training posted at the bottom of each date and tri training at the top. I will have to modify here and there a bit. But most of the training fits pretty well.

I am using a modified Hal Higdon program for Boston, Coach Kurts Wildflower program for Steelhead, and the First program (3 runs a week, but all faster paced) for Chicago Marathon.

The Hal Higdon program calls for 6 days a week of running. My body is just not made for that as I found out the hard way last year. Walking home in an ice storm because your ITB gives out is NO fun! So I am cutting the two easy days a week and swapping for cross training or rest depending on my mood. I left the original program up on those days in gray as another option if I am feeling up to it.

I just have the base phase up for Steelhead right now. I will be talking with CK to get the rest of my program in line but I will have a 5 week aerobic economy phase, 2 weeks of build intervals, and 1 week taper.

Bad part about setting up your race plan is you have to choose all your little races and you realize that some of the ones you really want to do fall on the same weekend. Blah. What is it about athletes and wanting to do the same small races every year?


Cy said...

Ummm ... I don't think that worked.

Try using "WordPad" or "NotePad" cut and paste - it leaves out the formatting.

psbowe said...

Cool, I'm soo looking forward to the AZ halfer next month!

D said...

You have it all planned out! Wow. Here's to a great racing year! (And I'm with you on the same little races each year - I think it has something to do with familiar racing, competition, and trying to beat our times from the previous year.)

Flatman said...

Works for me! Cool!

island jen said...

Sounds like you had a great christmas! Cant wait to read all about it... Hope the kitties are feeling well.
In order to get your header to appear the same in your old posts you need to "republish ALL" of your old blog posts. it takes awhile but it will change everytrhing not just the new stuff.

Chad Austin said...

Elizabeth, I'm curious why your doing the "first" program from Chicago?

E-Speed said...

zeke- i did that program (or basically that program) for Columbus and pr'ed by almost 13 minutes.

I figure if it ain't broke dont fix it ;)

I seem to do really well with the cross training and the faster workouts.

I am really only adding the 4th day for Boston because of the incredible beating my legs took after Boston last year. And obviously incorporating hill workouts :)

BuckeyeRunner said...

Nice training schedule! You have a lot on tap for '06! Looking forward to following your progress.

Chad Austin said...

Elizabeth, I figured you'd be cross training too. I find it amazing that you can run so fast on such "little" training - running-wise. But like you said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Here's to a 2006 filled with PRs.

Cliff said...

Good planning.

I havent even solidified my 2006 season yet.

By curious, where did u get those calednar like that? Is there one online where I can download??

Rae said...

Wow, that's an awesome calendar! I can't believe you have so much of the year planned out, that's fantastic! We're contemplating Chicago so maybe we'll see you there!