I am now officially sitting back and enjoying all of the space I have in my new home (with a brew nonetheless)! Last night we finally got everything put in its place and all boxes were finally unpacked and/or stored away forever.


Of course there will be more cleaning of the regular ho hum variety etc. but that can wait until Thursday :)

Oh and I also cleaned up the blog a bit. IE viewers should now see the links at the top of their page again and the local blog list should be showing up. Why can't you all just get Firefox huh? ;)

Tonights run went well. I was feeling defiant and refused to do most of the hill repeats. I feel justified because I was the only one who did 4 loops tonight. And let me tell you the one hill repeat I did do wreaked havoc on my hind quarters. I feel like I went to Susan's Butt Camp! Dang! My body was just not happy about hills tonight!

Got in around 8.5 miles. Who knows how far the two hills and the bathroom detour were. I need to be less OCD about my splits anyways.

They went something like this though ;)

loop 1 (2 miles) 15:45
loop 2 including bathroom trip 18:28
loop 3 17:54
hill 1 "easy up" 2:18
down 2:27
hill 2 hard up 1:44
down and to the mile marker 4:10
loop 4 17:51

Thanks to B2 for doing the first loop with me before everyone showed. B and CK wimped out on that. And big thanks to SU for being defiant with me. I would have seriously regretted doing 4 of those killer hills and I was glad someone else agreed with me. Plus who the heck wants to do repeats on ice? NOT ME!

So I am liking the videos although I would prefer to be able to just add audio clips sometimes. Anyone know of a free site for that? I haven't been able to find something good yet. I am getting frustrated as half the songs I would like to play either don't have videos up or the videos SUCK. Musicians if you are going to make a video to go with your good music, PLEASE make it a good video too!!! I am a huge OASIS fan but let me tell you, so far the videos I have looked at from them...COMPLETE CRAP!

On that note I am off to bed kids. Hopefully the search for a pool and gym will progress forward tomorrow!


robtherunner said...

Nice job on the run.

Curly Su said...

i'm glad you were there too! i would have been MAD if i had ended up doing all those stupid hills.

i hate hills.
ever mention that to you?

mouse said...

"Why can't you all just get Firefox huh? ;)"

As a web developer, I have one thing to say to this: word. Why do people even still use the non-compliant mess that is IE these days anyway?

Great job on the run!

The Spandex-King said...

Great job on the run!! Good luck with a gym. It's hard to choose when your stuck with it. As for me I hate indoor workouts so its always hard to pony up the dough. But swimming in Wisconsin outdoors is tough in the winter. Brrr Good Luck

Jenny bean said...

I am currently using netscape browser... if i have a problem viewing in firefox it lets me set it to view as IE and Vice versa. Perfect browser. PERFECT. I had so many problems when I downloaded Mozilla firefox from their browser but the netscape package has been working seamlessly.
Good luck with the gym choosing!! try and get them to add incentives to pick them!! (ie: no membership dues... cheap tanning etc.)
Have fun!

jenny bean said...

okay, it's still early for me. My english is a little challenged in my previous comment.
I meant to say "I had so many problems when I downloaded Mozilla firefox from their SITE."

Ugh... YAWN.

Tammy said...

Firefox rules, IE drools!
Congrats on the new place. Feels good to be all settled in I bet :)