Exhausting but fun weekend

The weekend really started this week Thursday night with Girls Night Out. Since then it has been go go go until right now.

Pics to follow and a more thorough post is promised in the future.

Quick run down of the weekend:

Thursday: GNO
Friday: Early morning- (5:15 AM) 7 mile run with G and K.
Evening- Christmas Shopping
Saturday: Morning- cleaning and washing outfit for wedding
afternoon- wedding then game of buck Euchre (This site doesn't have the rules we play by, but gives you the general idea, ours can be played with more than 4 people) at our place
evening- wedding reception and lots of dancing (video in coming days)
Today: Morning- 8 mile run with SERC, opening tons of gifts at the Hansen Christmas and enjoying a wonderful brunch. Man Santa spoiled us big time this year. Lots of nice stuff for the house and some fun goodies as well.
afternoon- quick catnap then visiting with pops and grandma
evening-watching the Browns WIN!!! and divine dinner at the Hansens.
Now- To Bed!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


robtherunner said...

It all sounds like fun. The pictures below tell the story.

buryblue said...

Play Hard Work Hard ..... well perhaps a little less work would be nice sometimes! Sounds like you has a great time. I must admit I find christmas shopping harder on my legs than a five mile run.

mouse said...

My boy Braylon (Edwards) plays for the Browns, so most of the time I'm happy when they win too (except when they play the Bengals!).

sounds like a great weekend!

E-Speed said...

It was a great weekend. If only I had a weekend to recuperate from the weekend ;)

Rae said...

Love all the pics! Sounds like a great weekend!

Tammy said...

caspar slide? buck Euchre?? I gotta get out more. I have no idea what half the stuff you do is! :)