I got tagged by Rich and Buckeyerunner so here goes. This isn't along my regular blog brain wavelengths so it might be a stretch. I feel like I am in creative writing again...probably good to step outside my regular blog about my run box huh?

5 Random Facts about me

1) I smoked cigarettes through a lot of high school and college, all while running on the cross country teams. My 5k PR occurred during my sophomore year in high school, the year I picked up smoking. Now I think it is the most disgusting habit ever. I can't stand the smell. I used to find it sexy. I know, strange. No one in my family smoked. I picked it up from friends. My first cigarette was a Newport menthol. In college I smoked Marlboro lights. I quit smoking a few months after I met my husband. At the time I was smoking Players from Canada, I had bought a case on a trip to Windsor. When I quit, I quit, cold turkey. I tried a few socially after that and they tasted horrible and gave me a headache. I don't believe I was ever addicted to the nicotine. I did it because I liked the taste and a lot of my friends smoked. I don't miss it at all.

2) I played the saxophone from 5th grade through college. Since graduating in 2003 I have played it 3 times. The blackout, once at Su's this summer, and the other night. I was afraid I would drive neighbors nuts in the apartment. I miss playing with a jazz ensemble.

3) My sophomore year in high school our symphonic band played Carnegie Hall. I did not have any real friends in the group at the time. I roomed with another "rebel," she brought cigarettes and liquor on the trip. I ended up smoking a cigarette in our hotel room with her our last night in NY. Our band director caught us. We were forced to ride home with the parents and no one in the band was allowed to talk to us. I remember I thought my parents were going to kill me. I got suspended from school for 3 days for that. I was a straight A student :) I graduated 10th in my class. Looking back on the whole suspension is funny now. At the time I was terrified.

4) I told my parents when I was 18 I was either going to dye my hair bleach blonde or get a tattoo. I am TERRIFIED of needles (I cry and almost pass out every time, I never got my third hepatitis shot because I turned 18 after the second and I didn't want to go through the 3rd shot). My dad told me to get a tattoo, he didn't think I would have the guts. I came home from Montreal with a white tiger tattoo on my back summer of 2000. It took over 2 hours. The artist let me have a cigarette break before he added the color. It hurt like heck but I love it and always will.

5) I dropped my music major before the semester even started in college. We got to school a week early for cross practice and pep band rehearsals. My first day on campus we had pep band rehearsal. The saxes sounded like they were in 5th grade. I went straight to my facilitator and asked if I could drop a major. I continued to play in symphonic band and jazz band all 4 years but I never played for the pep band or took a music class. I started as a triple major but also ended up dropping my German major sophomore year. Dr. Berg and I didn't really see eye to eye. I also switched the concentration of my Water Resources major sophomore year. I started with a chem concentration but switched to geo after organic :)

I am going to bail on tagging. Feel free to play along on your blog if you see fit!


Adele said...

I totally forgot that you used to smoke! Good for you for kicking the habit. I'm slightly allergic to smoke and just think it's nasty anyway.
Next time I post I'm going to do this thing too (since three other blogs I read have the same theme going I may as well jump on the bandwagon, eh?)

Tammy said...

Oooo, can we see your tat? :)

I was a music major for one semester, too! I played bass guitar, but they didn't have a "bass guitar major", so I chose "voice"... I didn't have one, so I quit college and moved to California to become a rock star. Obviously, that didn't work out either. haha.

A. M. Mericsko said...

I feel like I know so much more about you now! What a crazy life you have lead! I was laughing out loud at some of the stories. Now all of my co-workers probably think that I am nuts for doing so!

E-Speed said...

thanks girls :) yes I guess I have had a fun life so far ;)