Braving the cold

Actually it didn't feel that cold. But it looked cold! It had been snowing downtown all day, so getting out of Cleveland was rough but once on the highway it wasn't bad.

I took a quick jog over to the movie place tonight to get in a little over 2 miles. Probably about 20 minutes. The snow slowed me down a little bit but that is probably good. Looks like people in our new town aren't very fond of shoveling. That's okay it will make my ankles tougher!

Got our first gas bill and it is steep but not unmanageable. They are offering a budget plan that would even out our bills throughout the year. That sounds like a good option to me. Keep the bill the same rather than having steep bills right around the holidays.

I am off to do laundry and perhaps convince my hubby to put lights on the tree so I can get the ornaments up.


Adele said...

Hooray for tree decorating!! Do your cats like to play in/chew on the tree like mine do?
Congrats on the 2nd place, btw!

Neil said...

Hey guys. I just had the fun of sealing the basement. Making sure everyting was sealed properly made a pretty decent difference in the temperature down here. We could actually see outside light from around some of pipes running inside. first was Great Stuff, next will be caulking a few little places and then insulation. Little things like making sure the windows are closed correctly and fit well or that the flue closes well make a noticable difference.
I spent time in the crawl sealing everything and it was pretty bad to feel the cold air rush in through the wall cracks.

E-Speed said...

adele- our kitties are pretty good. they just like to lie underneath and chew on the branches.

thanks for the advice neil!

Steven said...

Go with the even-billing for your gas. It is a real good deal and there are no surprises that way!

Travis said...

Running in the snow sounds as painful as gas bills.