Don't Drink Chlorine and Drive

That's right I got back in the pool today.

Remember my statement from last night "(Lets face it kids most men aren't great swimmers, at least the triathletes aren't, so I have a shot at that right?)"

Yeah well I learned my lesson this morning! (I still stand by the men triathletes though, although the ones that are good swimmers usually kick major a$$, I think plain swimmers aren't drawn to tri as much because it relies so heavily on the run and bike, the swim is more just a way to weed out the weak ;))

I showed up to practices a week early :) Woops!

So instead of doing 1500-2000 yards with the TNT kids. I got to suck wind chasing the St. Edwards high school boys swim team. Luckily CK showed up so I didn't feel like a complete tool and had someone to swim with.

This was what their workout called for:

Warmup 4*500 (300 free, 200 IM)
Set 1: 16*75 (every 4 60,70,80,90%) on a 1:00 send off
12*100 on a 1:15 send off
8*150 on a 2:15 send off
6*200...can't remember the send off.
Set 2: 20*50 or something nuts like that.

Here is what I did:
3*400 (300 Free, 100 IM) (Yes I even did fly!)
9*50 at 0:55 to 1:00 send off (We thought that we were only doing 3*500 so we started set 1 too early, oops)
16* 50 at 1:00 send off (60,70,80,90%) this was pretty relaxed
800 free (I was supposed to do 12*75 on 1:15 send off but I tried to throw pull in on the first one, was going to do 2 pull, 2 stroke, 3 times, but apparently my kick is my stroke so I ended up playing catch up with no rest, so yeah, just 800 yards swim)
8*100 at 2:00 send off (I think I was pretty consistently swimming these in 1:40-1:45, plenty of rest, but I was too tired to try 1:50 send off.)

Cool Down: 100 Easy

Total: 4150 yards, that's right kids pretty much 2.4 miles. Yikes!

Nothing like kick starting your swim by going the furthest you have ever gone in a pool since you were in middle school.

what's nuts is I probably used to do 5-10K in the pool when I was 12 and thought nothing of it.

So anyways I swallowed some water, and I am sure I will be sore tomorrow. But I am pretty happy with myself. I think I earned all of my holiday food this morning!

Unfortunately I didn't eat breakfast, just a goo. So I was a bit light headed when I finished and forgot my watch in the shower. Bullocks! I called and they said they would look for it. Hopefully no one found it and took it. If not it looks like I will be upgrading my timex.

On that note I am going to get to work! Wow it is weird being in this early!


jessie_tri_mn said...

those high school swim team boys are not human, I think they might have gills ;)

Nice workout!

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Well... Boys, yeah, but I think the same of high school swim team girls. Nothing like showing up as a pretty decent male triathlete ready to do your sets, only to get your rear handed to you by the 15 year old girls in the lanes next to you. Sigh.

You swimmers are amazing

Cy said...

Wow. Impressive.

I always thought if I could get the running/biking part down, I would kick ass in a tri, as a former all-state swimmer. I figured that I would use my upper body and conserve my lower ... not sure if that's how it works, however.

I'm so out of shape.

Tammy said...

Whenever you all talk about your swim workouts, I have NO IDEA what you are saying. LOL! Guess that means I'm NOT a swimmer and better get at it, eh?

monica said...

About the cat and the aerobed-I have an aerobed too and TJ peed on it. We solved the problem by leaning it up against the wall when we were out with my parents (they were using it). We took it to the dry cleaners and they cleaned it for us. There is something about the smell of the plastic that cats don't like.

robtherunner said...

I am with Tammy. I always read your posts, but as soon as I see swimming numbers I scan down to find the end. Not that I am not interested, but I am so swimming illiterate it is pitiful. I am out of breath after 25 meters. I am lame!

Anonymous said...

women are more buoyant than dudes, but dudes have greater surface area on their hands and feet.

Kevin B said...

Your workouts are so impressive! Rather inspirational to say the least. Very brave to swim with the boys. I just started back in the water and decided to learn to do bilateral breathing - it has been hard going to say the least. I have been driving after drinking lots of chlorine.

Rae said...

Wow! That is a very long swim! Way to go, and esp so early in the morning. Keep it up, you're definately ending the year on a great page!

E-Speed said...

thanks jessie!

joseph- I am sure the 15 year old girls would give me a run for my money too :)

cy- most triathletes say that they minimize their kick so you are right. I however would sink like a fish without my kick. I seem to make do though :) You should get back in the pool!

tammy and rob- swim lingo post just for you ;)

thanks for the advice mon. definitely will not be leaving the aero bed laying around anymore.

kevin-thankfully i picked up bilateral breathing when I first started (in elementary school) so that comes naturally :)

thanks rae-last night when i got home i was exhausted, i guess waking up early has its costs.

Okolo said...

Wow, that's a kick *ss workout.

Good job.

How long did it all take?

E-Speed said...

including rest around an hour and 25 minutes :) too long ;)

D said...

Wow - thanks for the explanation of the pool lingo because I was definitely lost. I really need to take swim lessons. It is just a whole different ballgame than running.

Oh and by the way, imagine getting to that same pool with all the highschool male swim team swimmers and water run! Ah, yeah - I feel awfully dorky, weird, etc. LOL.

...and why do you think you are such a fast runner? Because you run with people that are faster than you. That is the mistake I continue to make with every marathon I have done thus far. I see change on the horizon for myself!! Happy new year.

brent d. said...


Tammy said...

Ok, you keep visiting my blog, but haven't updated your own in a while. Whatcha been up to? The world must know! :)