The calm before the storm

It is supposed to snow 5-6 inches tonight. But luckily it is all supposed to hit before 7AM. Just in case I brought work home for tomorrow.

Tomorrow night is the big housewarming party. 30 people have RSVPed that they are coming. I guess we are going to find out what our capacity is!

Randy is here tonight. He got to drive through the snow that is coming our way. He brought Ruth's famous cookies. I doubt there will be any left for the party tomorrow. I think I ate half of them myself tonight.

Haven't found a permanent solution on the pool but I am going to swim Sat with A so at least I will get in SOME sort of swimming before the indoor tri this Sunday. I am definitely going to need to work off all the food I will eat tomorrow!

The cats have been up to no good tonight. They were terrified when I vacuumed and of course they haven't experienced the doorbell yet so that freaked them out. But of course once they realized it was their friend Randy they warmed up. Now they are lounging around per their usual routine. I am sure they will be crying when he heads for bed as the one room they are not allowed in is the guest bedroom. So of course that is the one place they want to be :)

We just finished a VERY close game of Catan. Of course I lost again! But I seriously almost won. No really.

Hopefully I will have lots of fun party pics to post tomorrow. For now here's more of the cats.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to make this so last minute, but I will be unable to attend the gathering tomorrow night.

I'm gonna try to call David's cell phone to make sure you guys know.

Bolder said...

well, you'd have to turn to the to get the f'shizzle my n'izzle...

um, i'd say your are definitely NOT a holla back girl.

excellent choice for the playlist, i've got them all on my iPod.

am still partial to Rich Girl as well, again like Holla Back Girl, when i saw Gwen and Eve do it live at the Grammies, i think, especially with the dancin' Harajuku girls, i was sold on it on da spot.

p.s. i think i've been givin' my props for the video code, so feel free to edit that out! 'specially 'cause i stole the code for bloglines (and the concept) from you without any shout out what so evah! except for this confession right now!!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Have fun at your party! And good luck at the indoor tri!!

E-Speed said...

anon- no problemo ;) I am guessing this is Daryl?

Bold-now stinking bloglines isn't working. For some reason it erased all my unread posts GARRR


Bolder said...

bloglines sucks donkeys... it seems to have now inherited bloggers problems... not working for me either!

taskette said...

How was the snow? It was awful here in N. Indiana. I'd say AT LEAST a good 5 - 6" at my house. (They called for 5-8") Driving home last night sucked!!

Have a fun party!!! Looking forward to pics!

S. Lynne Fremont said...

We didnt get hit too bad in the snow department which was good. I hope your party goes well tonight.

Tammy said...

Ok, what is Catan??

E-Speed said...

Tammy- Settlers of Catan is a strategy board game that I have never once won in all of my time playing it. It involves placing settlements and roads on a board that changes everytime. Based on your placement and the dice rolls you get certain resources that allow you to build more aiming to get 10 victory points. :) Did I mention I am a huge game nerd?

partyrunner said...

hey girl, congrats on the new house! i love the fireplace. buying a house is such an accomplishment. i'm confident i can do so by the time i'm 50.

have i ever told you i admire your very photo friendly site? doen't that take a lot of time? when i link to someone's site in a post, i'm like, phew! that was work!

E-Speed said...

partyrunner- If you download Hello and Picasa it is actually pretty painless!!! I will put up links when I get some energy ;)