Can someone tell me

Why the heck I am up at 6:00 AM on a Sunday. It is cold out and it snowed last night, and am I in my warm cozy bed? No I am perparing to go swim, spin, and run on a dreadmill. Aack.

My cozy bed is really missing me.

On a good note the headache is gone!

Saw Narnia last night. I give it all my thumbs up. No seriously folks. This was a really great movie. I am not sure how it kept the pg rating. If I was a kid I would have been terrified at a few points.

Wish me luck. I think I am just going to have fun this morning no racing. At least the bike doesn't really count since it is a spin class. Maybe I will get off easy?

To answer questions you do 20 minutes in each discipline. The farthest total mileage wins. Except that the bikes at peak don't have computers on them so everyone gets an equal bike split. Muhahaha. Since that is my weakest link I like it! But they push your ass on that spin class! I just hope I don't drown since I haven't swam or biked since August or September.


taskette said...

I am glad Narnia was good. I really want to see it. I am just waiting for it to get to the $2 theatre we have here.

E-Speed said...

yeah I hear that, this one was definitely worth the extra cash if you've got it though