The party was great!!! See lots of fun pics below. And later a virtual tour will be coming for those of you in blogland who couldn't attend!


Curly Su said...

liz! for some reason your page wasn't loading for the past week and i thought you hadn't updated since 'space'. was wondering what was up. and all this time i just had to hit refresh. damn.

party was fun last night. see you in the morning. don't worry about the swim...you'll still kick my butt, you know!

islandarts said...

Your hair looks great,
the party looked like a blast,
i see you've taken to a little Michael Buble (melt my heart!)
Good luck with the tri!

Bolder said...

hey lizanator... i've gone how many days now with word verification off, not a single spam -- no spamalanche.

no one followed my lead, everyone is waiting to see what the lizanator is gonna do.

fortune favors the bold

p.s. isn't you in a lamp shade an OBLIGATORY shot for a house warming? kahmon, after the riesling was all gone, you and i both know you were wearing one.

Rae said...

Great party!! Good luck in your tri tomorrow, I'm sure you'll do great! How does an indoor one work for the bike and run portion? Do you use stationary bikes and treadmills or do they have an indoor track?

Good luck!!

Sal said...

Aww, it looks really fun. I wish I'd been. Thanks for the pics! But why were you the only one finishing the Riesling? Where was Randy (or the other partyers)?

E-Speed said...

su- yeah I think that was why bloglines was on crack.

Flipturns Su! And you will be right there with me!

island- yep I finally caved on him. I really like his song feeling good but as I was hung over Sat and din't feel good I didn't think that vid was appropriate :)

bold- its off, no more mariah carey okay?

oh and we don't have any lamp shades in teh house yet ;)

rae thanks! yep spinning class and dreadmills oh my!

Sal- I think everyone had a good time. In Randy's defense he was up pretty late, he just couldn't hang with David and I till 3:30 AM!