It has been snowing like a mother since I got in to work today until about 30 minutes ago. The roads are not that bad but all the traffic reports I have seen are terrible.

So I have been tidying up my office, cleaning other coworkers dishes, doing a virus scan, etc.. All in an effort to keep myself busy while sitting here waiting until traffic is a little more sensible to drive in. I would throw on my running clothes and go run but none of the sidewalks downtown are cleared and there are plenty of cars swerving all over the place making me want to avoid the roads. And I think sitting in traffic for an hour is just pointless when I can at least do semi-productive things around here. If the traffic doesn't get better in the next 30 I may go eat somewhere downtown...

I am hoping once I get home that I can get out into the snow for a quick run and then I think I might just make a snowman. Ahh the joys of owning a yard!!!

Met one of the neighbors last night (and her dog). She seems nice. I think a lot of the neighborhood is dog homes but she pointed out a few cat friendly homes, said she had noticed my boys in the windows. Not too surprising although they are a wee bit big for the ledges.

On a running note I am skipping out on the Buckeye 50k in jan. I am going to hold off and do a 50k next winter or summer 2007.

For all you people out west I am going to be in Arizona (Scottsdale) for a week in January and I want to run on some good trails. Any recommendations?


Kurt in Boston said...

I grew up in Arizona. January should be very nice. I'll be there the weekend of the 16th for the Arizona Rock N Roll marathon!

Phoenix is criss-crossed with several canals. You should be able to find a map of them. Very popular with runners (hard dirt). Also the Phoenix Mountain preserves (North and South of Phoenix) have many miles of trails, some better than others. Oh, there's also a sort of greenbelt in Scottsdale that runs North/South. I think it's near Hayden Road (just ask someone).

Hope you don't have to work much while you're there. Oh, and for really good Mexican food -- "Los Olivos" in Scottsdale! mmm...

robtherunner said...

I love the snow. We got 4 inches here in Bonney Lake Washington, but it looks like you have more than that. Of course it is raining now. What made you decide to skip the 50K?

E-Speed said...

thanks for the info kurt! I will actually be there day of the marathon too but decided against the half because of the hassle getting to the expo and flying in on sat. i will see if i can convince the rest of my party to go watch a bit, but we shall see.

rob-not enough time to up my milage safely, plus last year there was like 3 feet of snow and the trails were miserable, i remember being on the towpath that day and being absolutely miserable.

i wanted to do the summer buckeye 50k but it is the week before steelhead.

I am only 24 so I have time! :) I will get to an Ultra for sure because the guys in my club wouldn't let me get away with not. At the least I will have to do their grand canyon run at least rim to rim, but probably rim to rim to rim, 50 miles! yikes.

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