Tuesday Track Workout

Got to the track early last night so that I could get in a long easy warm up. My right hamstring feels like it is pulled again so I didn't want to strain it even more.

Did 2 miles warm up and a lap of dynamic stretching/drills.

Then we did 4*600
I paced S so as not to blow out my hamstring but still get in a good tempo workout

Next we did 6 200's, 100 drill, 100 stride
first two were bounds
next two were leaps
last two were butt kickers

Then we did a 400. First 100 all out, second hundred float, third hundred pretty hard, next 50 float, last 50 all out. 1:22 (The idea being even though you float a significant amount of the 400 your time will still be good because of your improved form from the drills)

Then I did a mile easy cool down and headed home!

I got Harry Potter Monday evening and finished it last night. I definitely enjoyed reading it but now I am more anxious than ever to find out how the whole series concludes. Too bad that won't be for awhile. Did you know Rowling is now the richest women in the UK? Even richer than the queen! Needless to say she is much too busy cashing checks to write her novels as quickly as I would like to see them ;)

I have a killer migraine this morning, work is probably going to be pretty brutal.


Curly Su said...

SO glad you record this stuff, cause i forgot to write my times down before this morning and had to wipe them out to get splits for today...all was saved though, because of you!!! :)

E-Speed said...

No problem :) See it is useful that I am a statistics freak!