Missing my Family

Sorry for the downer post.

I got an email from one of my cousins today. Her oldest daughter just graduated from high school, and got her associates degree (but that's a long story!). And her grad party is this Saturday in Michigan. I will be going up for it in the afternoon.

My cousin mentioned making pretzels for it. This is a tradition that my family has had, at least since my high school grad party 6 years ago. For my graduation party all the Miller gals went over to Aunt Charlotte's Dairy Farm and we spent a whole morning mixing dough, rolling it, and shaping it in to pretzels. Afterwards we ended up with a huge batch of the most delicious baked pretzels known to man.

I think for my grad party we had over 300 pretzels which were all eaten well before the party ended. The tradition has continued and the pretzels were served at my baby sisters grad party, my cousin Aaron's and now Becca will have them at hers.

Hearing Jul's talk about everyone making the pretzels together gave me a bout of home sickness. It sounds like they made quite a few as when they were finshed my sister announced "Step away from the dough!" Being so far from my family really blows as I miss out on all these cute little moments.

I especially feel like I am missing out on Jill's kids growing up. I haven't seen them in quite awhile. This is partially my fault because the distance isn't really that hard to overcome, but the lifestyle I have been living doesn't leave much time for long trips home to Michigan every weekend.

So anyways if any of my family are reading this I miss you and I love you and I am looking forward to seeing most of you this Saturday.


S. Lynne Fremont said...

That pretzel tradition is really cool

mom said...

Hey! Looks like this site is easy to access. I already looked at David's new blog. i'm glad he is jumping in, not to be outdone by you!

Love you, Mom

Amy said...

Hi Beth!!
Sounds like you and David are doing well- that's great to hear.

The pretzel making tradition dates back many years. I remember having them at Jeff & Julie's grad parties!

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday-
Your cuz Amy

E-Speed said...

I agree Lynne! If there are any left overs I will bring some frozen ones to the art fair for you and chicalookate to try!

E-Speed said...

Thanks mom! Glad you like it!

E-Speed said...

Can't wait to see you Saturday Amy!!! Your kids must be so tall by now!

Anonymous said...

You need to know that the last few times we have gotten together to make pretzels, something just did not feel right. And I know exactly what it is, it is the fact that you were not there to join in all the fun. So I think beings we have many more to come, that it will be mandatory that you be there. The truth is, is that when you are not there, we miss you and know thatit is true you do miss out on all the special little moments we have. (not to mention if you would show up, that would make less work on us) lol!!!! So we will be sure to let you know when the next one is.
Love ya!!!

E-Speed said...


Hecks yeah! More for me to eat too! Hopefully I will be able to help out when Emily and Andrew graduate!