Saturday Trail Run

Saturday morning I got down to Peninsula and ran with SERC and A and S. I was out on the Buckeye trail for 2 hours and 20 minutes. It was a good run with a few hills but mostly rollers. It was HOT! But the shade on the trails kept it from being horrible. I felt a lot better this Saturday than last and didn't get lost this time!

After our run we went to breakfast at Fishers. Eating after a long morning run is the best! Although the waitress sucked and I had to steal CurlySu's water because she never brought more out.

After breakfast A and I took our bikes in for the 90 day checkup. I had my "oh-shit" brakes removed. I am going to buy B's aerobars from him so I needed room for them!

Sunday morning S and I woke up around 4:30 and headed to Lorain for a tri. We ended up bailing because our cyclist was having a bad morning. But we stayed and cheered on one of my Chicago Mentees and hung out with Coach K. We were both a little cranky by the time we got home but P made us pancakes and coffee :) Thanks!!!

Last night was the run workshop for Chicago Tri peeps. I picked up my bike on the way and also got some new bike shorts and a cycling tank. We met at Hinckley Lake for the workshop. Did a quick run down on tri running. Then we did a mini brick workout around the lake. Got in a 45 minutes ~9 mile on the bike and a 30 minute ~3 mile run.

Tonight is a track night :) Lets hope it cools down!

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