Rain, Track, Hoggys, and Quickie Pool Workout

It absolutely poured downtown today, right in time for me to leave for the track. Of course because it was a heat index of 104 and it was really sunny this morning I did not have my umbrella with me or a change of clothes :) I like to plan ahead ;)

I left for the track and as I went to head out through the basement I found about 20 people waiting out the storm. I didn't want to be late to the track so I headed out to the amusement of all onlookers. I was in my running shoes and shorts but had left my t-shirt on because I forgot to bring a running shirt. By the time I got to my truck about a half mile away everything was drenched, including my shoes. There were floods of water that I had to wade through to get to my truck :)

So I headed to the track in one of the more awesome thunder storms I have seen in awhile.

By the time I got there the rain had calmed and the sun was starting to peak out, and it was actually COOL! Literally, as in not hot! Thank goodness. I got in a two mile warm up and just as we were finishing the warm up another black cloud swooped in to pour down on us as we started into our intervals. Needless to say we were all drenched by the time we left!

Here is the run down, I am pretty happy with it considering my quads still feel like I ran a hill workout through the Rockies. My hamstring held up well but I could feel I was pushing it in the second to last quarter.

2 mile warm up- 8:33, 9:09
1 mile- 6:36
400 rest- 2:02
800- 3:06
400 rest
400 rest 2:31
400- 1:28.26
200 rest- 1:12
400- 1:26.48
200 rest 1:27.16
400- 1:26.62
200 rest
4*400 meter relay my 400 split- 1:19.24!
1 mile cool down 9:47

After the track workout we went to Hoggy's and I had a delicious burger and macaroni and Cheese! It really hit the spot! Thank Goodness M had an extra t-shirt for me to throw on or else I would have been freezing!

I rushed home because I thought our pool closed at 10pm. I was wrong, it closes at 9pm but the fob worked so I went ahead and did a quick 20 minute swim and figured I would pretend I thought it was open till 10 if anyone asked.

I did a 200 warm up, 200 kick, 200 pull buoy. 40 catch up. 40 slow arm recovery. 40 fingertip drill. Then I did a 100 semi hard and finished off with a lap of breast stroke. My right rotator cuff feels a little funny so I think I will lay off the pool tomorrow.

Now I am headed to bed!

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