Thursday Festivities

Last night I went to a TNT info meeting in Brooklyn. I got to talk about fundraising!

Which I am definitely not the GURU of. Columbus fundraising is off to a very slow start! I need to get my butt in gear!

I am going to talk with V this Sunday about setting up a drag show!!! This should be AWESOME!

I am still holding onto the mud wrestling idea also. If I can just find a venue I think it would be a great and fun way to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Any other fun fundraising ideas are welcome! And if you want to help out just let me know! The plan is to raise $2,000 this time!!!

Anyways the info meeting went well. We only had 4 people show up but all 4 signed up for events!

After the info meeting I headed over to Coventry to hang at the Farmers Market. It was pretty cool. A little small but still nice. Had fun afterwards playing Super Monkey Ball with P, A, C, and Baruch even!

I will post some pics later!

On a fun note I signed up for a sprint tri in Michigan on Sunday! So hopefully some of my family can come!!! It is at Clark Lake and should be a good time!

I also finally sucked it up and got my USAT membership, bronze because I am frugal!

Here's to the weekend!

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