Went down to the pool and swam for 50 minutes.

Did 15 minutes of warm ups and drills then a did a short version of the workout I was supposed to do :)

For those of you that aren't aware our pool is not the standard 25 yards or meters. Best I can figure it is 20 yards. So I usually modify workouts to fit that size when I swim here.

Tonight I was planning on doing a long ladder but ended up doing a shorter one.

I did:
400 yards 5:56.94 (minute rest)
4* 100 yards 1:38.17, 1:36.75, 1:35.8, 1:36.41 (25 second rests)
300 yards 4:54.13 (minute rest)
3* 100 yards 1:34.7, 1:34.55, 1:35.77 (22 second rests)

Then I did a 5 minute cool down to get in the 50 minutes.

I was pretty dizzy when I got out :( So I gotta get my butt in gear for Chicago ASAP!!!

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