Track Workout 7-12-05

It was HOT and HUMID tonight! I did the B workout with A and S. The guys did 3 sets of 4 quarters. We did 3 sets of 3 quarters.

Here's the run down:

mile warmup 9 minutes
400- 1:33.05
400- 1:29.37
400- 1:26.30
400- 1:26.66
400- 1:28.42
400- 1:27.84
400- 1:27.69
400- 1:30.29
400- 1:22.75
400 cool down and 800 walk
Big thanks to B for the pics!

Came straight home to hang out with David and get some laundry done. This is going to be a LOOOONG week!

Sweaty but happy runners after the track workout Posted by Picasa


Curly Su said...

happy?! i wasn't happy until i had my sweet tea and macaroni and cheese at hoggys. before then, definitely not happy...:)

E-Speed said...

LOL you were happy to be done!