4th of July Weekend

Had a pretty enjoyable 4th of July weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself at a lovely campground with 2 available first come first serve campsites for me and my friends to camp at in Allegheny National Forest. The campground was perfect in every way. On a beautiful hillside/terrace with lots of boulders to climb on!

I was able to get in some fabulous hikes with Dan, Phil, and Baruch. It was nice to just get out into nature with no real purpose. On top of the hiking I got in two long trail runs this weekend which were pretty brutal but most likely good for me.

We had a great time swimming in Millstone Creek and hanging out on the boulders in the sun.

I ate lots of great food! Too bad those long runs didn't appear to keep off any of the weight gained from this weekend though :)

We went to the Manor for the annual 4th of July party and played Bocce, catch, and Bean Bags, and ate more great food!

The food finally caught up with me on our way home from the party. I got violently ill and didn't sleep very well last night. I took the day off today to recover. Managed to do some laundry so I didn't feel like a complete bum.

I am pretty exhausted and need to be really focused at work tomorrow. Project of Doom awaits! I will write a more detailed recap of the weekend soon, for now enjoy a few pics!

Enjoying the Campfire Posted by Picasa

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