Sunset Ride

We had a TNT mentor orientation workshop tonight out in Westlake so I got home around 8:30pm. I am not mentoring for the winter season but spring starts recruiting in September so I won't really have that much of a break. I will probably take a break from tri mentoring and let some of my mentees take over! Mentoring for the Cleveland marathon sounds very doable!

I figured I would have enough light to get in a quick ride. Sunset was around 8:49 tonight. So I went out and did 10 miles. I tried to push the tempo. I really want to be under 1:20 on the bike in Chicago. I figure if I can get out of the swim in 26, do the bike in 1:20, have some quick transitions, and do the run in under 47 I can get top ten in my age group.

I did all right tonight. I did the last two miles averaging over 20 mph so that is good. But overall I averaged more like 16.5 mph which blows :( But I forgive myself since I didn't have a warm up or anything and I hit almost every red light.

Funny side note the spell check wishes to replace "Westlake" with "histology"

I am off to shower and watch Meet the Fockers!

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