Feeling PRETTY Silly

Last night I woke up around 2am very sweaty! Apparently at some point our air conditioning stopped working. So we suffered through till morning until 8am when I called maintenance. They said they would be by sometime today.

Well when I got in it was apparent that they still hadn't come by so I called the after hours guy. He informs me that they are really busy and that is why they haven't been by. But he asks me what the problem is and I explain that the fan isn't coming on at all.

That is when he asks me to go to the breaker box...boy oh boy did I feel dumb! Of course I went to the breaker box flipped the switch off then on again and Voila my AC is working again. Geesh. My poor kitties had to suffer all night and day because I didn't think of simply checking the breaker box...DUH!!!

What am I going to do when I get a house? Yikes!

Well it is so hot that our apartment broke their Monday pool closing to let people cool off. I think I may go in later and do some drills but no real workout.

Before I do that I need to do laundry badly as well as go to the grocery store and bank!


Ruth said...

Silly girl. I had a similar thing happen to me at one of my old apartments...only it was in the winter & my heater wouldn't work. I felt really dumb that I had turned myself into an ice cube when I could have stayed warm & toasty. Oh well. Some girls just weren't meant to be smart in home handy work.

E-Speed said...

Yeah I feel especially silly because my dad is an electrician so yuou would think I would of picked up some form of handiness...at least I can change a tire :)

Neil said...

I am happy to hear that you do something besides working out, even if it is just going to a breaker box. ;)

Nice blog, by the way.


E-Speed said...

Hey! I do plenty I just don't write about all of it :) Originally my blog started as a workout journal so I have just started adding in details from other sections of my life :)