Long Run on the Tow Path

Went to the tow path early this morning. I got there a little late and we didn't get started till around 7:30. Between that, stopping at water stops, and putting my legs up afterwards I didn't leave the park until 10am.

We ran 12 miles and run time was 1:43:15.


Not sure how accurate each mile marker is but I am sure it all evened out to twelve miles total. It was absolutely lovely this morning! Nice and cool, although still a little humid. MUCH better than last week though!

After the run I headed straight to a Team in Training meeting in Beachwood. I got to be the alumni speaker again :) Coach B did a great job, v. Enthusiastic!!! We only got 3 people to sign up but 2 others showed serious interest.

If you live in Northern Ohio and would like to run/walk a marathon or half marathon in December or January and want to help raise money for a good cause (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) sign up for Team in Training!!! Link is on the left!!!

I was absolutely starving by the end of the meeting so Coach B, Tracy, and I went out to lunch at Corky & Lenny's. The service was HORRIBLE! The lady actually slammed our menus onto the table! But the reubens weren't half bad and my strawberry milkshake was quite satisfying!

After lunch I rushed home showered and changed and headed to Ann Arbor for the Art Fair. Even though I was flying I didn't get to the fair until 5pm and unfortunately it closed at 6pm. I hurried around the whole fair trying to find chicalookate's booth but unfortunately by 6:15 I had no luck.

Mandolin and her girlfriend and I went out to dinner at Chili's after that and I had a very good shrimp Caesar salad and strawberry margarita. It was nice seeing both of them and I feel bad that I was so out of it. Next time I need to take a nap before visits!

So after all of that I am absolutely exhausted so I am spending the night at my rents.


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