More on this weekends adventures

I woke up early Saturday and dragged myself down to Peninsula for the SERC trail run. I haven't been in forever!

I was planning on running 5-6 miles and then going out to get food for this weekends camping trip. We got out 3 miles and I got conned into doing the rest of the run with the intense crowd.

Stupidly I didn't take any fluids out with me and I also didn't eat any breakfast. So the run was pretty rough. We ended up on some of the hilliest trails I have ever run. In N. Chagrin I really only have to tackle one big hill. On this run we went up at least 3 or 4 that are bigger and steeper than that hill in N. Chagrin.

And of course to make things worse I am the slowest one out there so I spend most of the run by myself wondering if I am going the right way, or feeling guilty for making others wait for me so I don't get lost.

I ended up making it back under 2 hours so I probably ran somewhere between 11 and 12 miles. I don't think I did the whole run because I think I went the wrong way at some point. Luckily one of the guys had brought water so I did manage to get some fluids in or else I probably would have just sat down in the middle of the woods.

So I started the morning off a little tougher than I thought I would and didn't end up getting food until right before we left for the campground. Needless to say I was a little out of it!

More to come later! Project of Doom requires my utmost attention so I need to get a good nights sleep!


Curly Su said...

hey--cool blog! how did you add the 'links' section to your side info?

E-Speed said...

You will have to do some template editing, I can help you. I will email you my sample and highlight the areas you need to do to get yours going

Curly Su said...

thanks again! i haven't felt like i 'learned something new' in a long time...
feels nice, you know?