Just got back from the pool. Just did a quickie 20 minute workout. Both the indoor and outdoor pools were packed. Luckily the indoor pool was packed with a bunch of adults doing laps. This is an oddity because I have never seen so many adults doing laps, even during adult swim at our pool.

So I managed to squeeze between two other ladies to get in some drills. I did a 5 minute easy warm up, 200 kick, 200 pull buoy then some drills.

40 catch up drill
40 slow arm recovery
40 fingertip drill
40 roll with one arm back
40 head down

Then I did 100 hard at 1:22

And then I raced a kid 20 yards :) I gave him a ten yard head start and let him out touch me at the wall :) Kids love that stuff!!! He was breathing every stroke and pulling his head way out of the water. I showed how to breathe more efficiently and he said thanks :)

Now I am about to get dinner ready!

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