Clark Lake Tri and Grad Party

I went up to Michigan yesterday for my second cousins graduation party. I got there a little late but still had a great time. One of my friends from high school came and hung out and we caught up a bit. It is always nice to see her.

We were up pretty late but we were up this morning at 5:15 getting ready to head to the triathlon at Clarks Lake. My cousins eldest and youngest sons came with to watch. It was nice seeing them and having the extra support out on the course. Aaron took some great shots of KT and me!

It was KT's first tri! She hadn't trained at all and she just got my bike from me today :) So she did a great job! She finished in just over 2 hours and I was in somewhere around one hour and 34 minutes. This was a sprint tri but there were a TON! of people there! And a ton of fast women!

This was definitely the best organized local level race I have ever been to. There was plenty of food afterwards, the wind shirts are great, and the course was well manned and marked the whole way. So it is not surprising that it attracted a lot of triathletes, old pros and newbies alike!

One nice thing they had was that people new to the triathlon had their numbers in red. I liked it. I made sure to cheer on anyone that I passed, or that passed me! with red numbers!

I had an okay swim, nothing spectacular, an okay ride and a decent run. I almost made it through the run without getting passed by any women but a 20 year old college cross country runner took me down at the finish line :( I didn't even know she was there. Oh well. I still should be happy with it. Although my resulting time doesn't seem that impressive to me. I will have to look at my stats when they post them and figure out why.

I bruised my heel on a root coming out of the swim and at some point cut the ball of the same foot today so I am limping around. Between that and my hubby's cramping calves we make an awkward pair.

I am absolutely exhausted! Let's hope that means I will get a good night's sleep tonight!

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