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Back to the 3rd!

On the 3rd I hiked for about an hour with P, D, and Baruch. Baruch tried to protest with a nap during the hike but she was fine once we got her going again.

After that we all went to the river. I swam a little bit but nothing you could call a workout. Mostly lounged around in the water and then layed out on the rocks.

That evening went for a trail run with CK, B, nad S. As usual ended up by myself for most of the run. The trail was way overgrown so I tore up my legs pretty well but managed to get in an hour and ten minutes run. Mostly uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back.

At some time we got off the parks trail and onto private property because we ended up in someones back yard. They were very friendly and brought us ice water! What a treat! Definitely a first for me :)

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