Tempo Run

Managed to get my tempo run in at E. Creek on the way home. I ran 5 miles in 40:26. I am pretty sure it is actually shy of 5 miles, unless one of the 1/2 miles is long because the last one is definitely short.

I did a mile warm up then did 5 sets of 3 minutes tempo 2 minutes float. Then a mile cool down. So if it is actually 5 miles I was averaging 8 minute miles but I am guessing between the warm up and floats that I was actually averaging 8:30.

It was warm but shady so not too horrible although I was still covered in sweat.

My right hamstring is still feeling a bit funky but it held up pretty well.

The creek looked really cool tonight. Despite the rain the water was crystal clear and there wasn't much of it but it was flowing along over the blue/gray shale quickly. Very Pretty!

I am not feeling motivated at all so cleaning and swimming are probably going to wait until Sunday.

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