Long Tempo Run

Went down to Brecksville tonight to get in my tempo run. I actually ended up doing more of a long/tempo run. I don't know how my body keeps up!

The guys wanted to do 12 miles. 3 easy, 3 hard, 1 easy, 2 hard, 2 easy, 1 hard. For some reason that sounded like a good plan to me...

I ran the first 3 "easy" with them. 23:48 so basically my marathon pace for Columbus.

I did the next 3 hard in 21:22

Then I did 1 mile easy 8:55

A little over a mile hard (wasn't sure where the marker was so I figured I would err on the high mileage side) 7:59

About a mile and a half easy with the guys 11:22

1 mile hard 6:56

About a half mile cool down 4:25

So I probably ended up with around 11 miles, probably a little shy of it, and an hour and 24 minutes of running. Not too shabby.

I feel kind of bad. During the 3 mile hard segment I had to pass a group of high school cross country gals. I said passing on the left and their coach told them to watch themselves but as I edged nearer they did not budge out of my way so I attempted to say "on your left" a little louder, but it came out as a really bitchy/bark "ON YOUR LEFT," as in get out of my way or I might elbow you because I am a mean spirited runner :) Yikes! I have a very hard time controlling how I sound during the middle of a tempo run :/

Stopped at Subway on the way home and drank a LOT of gatorade. Thank goodness the temps are so low, I would hate to see how much fluids I would be losing if it was still in the 90's.

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