Two more donations!

I got two more donations tonight! So in total I am up to $175.00!!! Big thank yous to my donors!

I went to the kickoff meeting tonight and met more of the people participating in the triathlon and some of the other endurance events. Hopefully I will start running with two of the other triathletes rather than by myself all the time.

I didn't get to meet my honoree (school commitments) But today is his birthday so wish him well!

I also got my winsor pilates dvds in the mail tonight! I did the beginner workout. I don't feel bad, it was different than any other exercise video I have done. I don't like that she focuses on breathing but then doesn't tell you when you should be breathing in or out. Hopefully I will be able to figure that out as I do the workout more often.

I need to pack and clean before bed and I have to be in to work early tomorrow because we are headed to Michigan...can't wait for Sunday (my rest day).

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