5/22/04 45 Minute Bike Ride

Didn't get in until late and fell asleep before I had realized it. Went into work yesterday so I decided to do my bike ride with Ana and a friend after we got done with work. Well of course there is a story to go along with all of that.

Ana just bought a new mountain bike and had ridden it into work. Well just before she made it to the office something punctured her tire (Her first ride out). We decided to call the bike shop before we left work to see if they could take care of it (at 4:30pm). She calls and the lady had to check and see if anyone would do it and she said there was a volunteer so we should come in. We haul the bike through the maze that is our office building basement out into my truck and rush over to the bike shop.

We get there at 4:45. We are then told by two different people that they can't take care of it tonight and that she will have to pick up the bike tomorrow. We were just going to throw the towel in but i decided that no, I wanted a bike riding companion and her bike was going to get fixed right then and there. So I told the manager "I understand your position but you have to understand ours. We called ahead and were told that the bike could get fixed tonight. We explained that we needed it for a ride tonight. We made the special trip to come here and went out of our way to get here right away, because we were told that it could be taken care of now." (Or something along those lines) The men give us dirty looks but proceeded to find someone to take care of the tire. (Triumph!)

So then we are off to get my bike from the office. Several times I had to ponder "How many environmental scientists does it take to get two bikes out of an office building?" Really too bad we can't get a hold of some of the building's security tapes.

We finally get our bikes out onto the street and manage to get our helmets and gloves on and our friend got there (impeccable timing). So off we go. We rode for 30 minutes along the lake and then stopped for some water and made dinner plans. Then I headed back to the office to (another 15 minute ride) pick up my truck. I realized I had to run to the bathroom so once again I had to haul the bike through the basement, and up the elevator to the 6th floor. (Apparently our womens bathroom key only works on our floor.)

I finally get my bike packed away into the back of the pick up and then it dawns on me...I left my cell phone in my office. So I have to decide: Haul the bike back into the building...or risk it getting stolen and run like hell up to the office and down. I chose the latter and ran up 6 flights of stairs grabbed my cell phone and hopped the elevator back down. Luckily no one eyed my bike and everything was fine. I am going to have to go buy a lock so that I can latch the bike onto the truck.

Needless to say I got my 45 minute ride in and it was lovely :) Planing on doing it again, hopefully with a little less drama next time.

Off to go running!

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