Mini Tri

So I decided to try out doing a little of each discipline today.

15 minute swim
7:45 minute transition to fitness center
15 minute bike on the stationary
5:00 minute transition
15 minute run

I felt pretty goood during most of the workout. During the run my shoulders felt pretty tired but nothing that i thought I couldn't handle for 15 minutes.

I was able to get a little reading in during the stationary bike ride, I am still giving "Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons" the thumbs up.

I felt great during the swim (I love the new swimsuit and cap) and the stationary bike said my average speed was just over 15 mph (I have no idea how fast that is for a bike but it felt like a good pace).

I figure if I can handle this workout now without having any coaching or real workouts under my belt in four months I definately should be ready for the real thing (I hope).

Funny story (nothing to do with my training). The other day I was heading home from work and I have to pass over the RTA tracks on my way out of the city. The lights came on because a train was coming and the car in front of me stopped right under the gate. So it proceeded to come down right on top of her car. I couldn't believe it I just sat there staring. Well after the lady realized what happened she starts backing up (I had left her plenty of room), and the gate slowly slides down the front of her car until she got out of the way. I was amazed but it didn't look like any damage was done. What really made it funny was that she could have made it through before the gate came down but she decided to stop right under the gate. I haven't ever seen anything like it. I felt bad for the lady, I would have been pretty embarrased but man I laughed the whole way home. :)

Anyways I always feel so much better after my workout (no matter how crappy I feel during it) I think I am going to go get something productive done around the apartment and treat myself to a homemade lunch :)

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