My new toy

I went to the bike shop on my way home from work. Tried out a few different bikes but I fell in love with the first bike I tryed. It is a Trek Hybrid 7300. It is really comfy and a very smooth ride. Much faster than a mountain bike, not quite as fast as a road bike. I tryed a few different hybrids but I really liked this one. I also tryed a trek road bike...yikes! I felt like I had absolutely no control. I couldn't figure out where to put my hands and I had a really hard time trying to shift but keep my hands in a comfortable position. The speed would have been a great bonus but I would have spent the next four months trying not to crash rather than enjoying myself.

I couldn't just get the bike so I got the enthusiast package to go with. It came with a water bottle rack, water bottle, little computer thingy that tracks your mileage and time and speed, a little bag to hold my keys and such, and a tire kit in case I ever get a flat. I also got a 6 year "warranty-thingy" where I can get my bike tuned up or fit to me any time I want as many times as I want for the next 6 years. Also got a pair of gel gloves.

The guy at the bike shop was very helpful and I even got a discount since I am training with Team in Training.

So I couldn't wait till tomorrow's workout to try out my new bike so I went for a ride after dinner. (32 minutes, 6.58 miles) I stayed in between 13 and 17 mph for most of the ride. Because I love my new toy so much I even braved a ride on the road! I am pretty proud of myself. I am looking forward to my bikes rides now rather than dreading them :) My hands got a little tired and towards the end of the ride I couldn't stay perfectly comfortable but I think that is just going to be an issue of getting used to longer rides and the gloves.

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