5 more donations!

Got 5 more donations in the mail tonight bringing the total up to 25 donations=$865.00! Thank you very much to everyone who has donated! (Only $4,135 to go!)

Went out on the bike tonight after work. Stayed on the roads mostly for 44 minutes (8.7 miles). Rode from my apartment to Euclid Creek Reservation and then hit the paved trail for a bit. There were way too many walkers out so I took the parks road back out. Figured avoiding the cars was easier than avoiding the groups of people on the trail.

Didn't think my legs were sore from Saturday's ride but as I was climbing the mile hill after 25 minutes of riding I realized that I actually had developed some sore muscles. I managed to make it up the hill without having to get off my bike but man was I going slow (6 mph).

My legs are still sore from yesterdays run so I am icing my hamstrings while I put together a CD for the other triathletes I am training with.

Any workout tunes you think are worthy enough for the CD? Leave me a comment, tell me what I should add to it. We have a variety of people so I want to make sure to get some different styles of music but all work out friendly.

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