Pool Workout

Swam for 30 minutes this morning. I waited to go until 7:30 which worked out nicely and I had the pool all to myself. (Other than someone sitting in one of the lounging chairs watching me...freaky) Of course I had goggles on and no contacts so I couldn't tell who it was or why they were sitting there.

My right hamstring is still bothering me but it doesn't feel like anything serious...hopefully it will feel better before tomorrows run.

Ordered my wetsuit. I decided to get sleeves rather than sleeveless. (That is what they recommended) All they ask for is your height, weight, and if you have a large chest, long legs, long waist, or broad shoulders...doesn't seem like the perfect system. Also they say to give them your current weight...not what you plan on being on race day. Hope that thing shrinks because I have been dropping weight like crazy, and plan on dropping at least 5 if not 10 more pounds before the race. Of course most of that weight appears to be coming off from my fingers...my rings have been falling off.

The plan is to finish my CD's for everybody tonight, I think I found some good tunes that are perfect for working out to.

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