Memorial Day Swim

Wasn't sure if I was going to find time to work out today. It was raining this morning so I couldn't take out the bike and I didn't want to run since I ran yesterday. Lucky for me they must have decided to nix the pool rules since it was Memorial Day and it was open. (Normally closed on Mondays)

Got in my thirty minute swim...did ten minutes of freestyle and five minutes of each of the new drills we learned last Friday. There was a group of people in the pool rough housing but they were nice enough to let me swim laps off to one side. Doing the drills really broke up the workout so it didn't seem quite so long. I felt really good and while I have no idea if I am going any faster it sure feels a lot smoother than when I first started.

Glad I got in a workout because I was feeling pretty guilty about eating all of this holiday food. I will be glad to get back into a normal routine.

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