I'm feeling hot hot hot...

Went for a 45 minute run at Euclid Creek Reservation.
Left around 10 because I wanted to beat the heat. Ha! It was so hot out. I would have run in my sports bra but I didn't want to frighten the natives.

Saw Lenny from my husbands work out running and stopped to chat a little. Then continued my uphill run (Stopping in the middle of a hill is a bad bad idea).

Today was a mental run because my legs weren't worth crap and the heat was killing me. Around 20 minutes my right shoulder got pretty tight. At 30 minutes I found a drinking fountain...it was better than finding the Holy Grail. Thank God I found it when I did, I was getting ready to jump in the creek (Curse those CSO's). (We have been getting a bunch of storms so the creek was moving pretty fast and was full of sediment) I slowed down a bit for a couple of minutes after my drink but then picked the pace back up and finished out my run (Went a little over 4.5 miles).

When I finished I put my feet up and did some crunches. Looked up at the sky and I swear I could have taken a nap right then and there. Finished my stretching and headed home!

Off to do some laundry and clean.

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