Back on the bike again

So I braved a bike ride again when I got home. I am still not brave enough for the real roads but I managed to get 31 minutes in by going around my apartment road, the park next door, the sidewalk along the roads on our block, and some conveniently empty parking lots.

I definitely need to take the bike in for a tune up. The rear shifting mechanism is difficult to downshift and periodically the gears click as if I am shifting when I am not...not sure what that is but it probably isn't a good thing.

Newho before the workout I made a trip to Kinko's to print out my fundraising letter and some postcards for a family golf outing and then decided to hit Dick's sporting goods. I picked up some womens biking shorts and a nike bathing suit (on sale), also a purple swim cap and some ear plugs. More on the swimming stuff after my next swim workout...on to the womens biking shorts.

This is my censored opinion of the women's biking shorts that I purchased (I wouldn't want to offend any of my family reading my blog...for an uncensored opinion send me an email or drop me your email addy and I will get back to you). They are basically like stretchy knee length shorts with a bit of padding in "all the right places" to keep you from getting bruised. They look absolutely ridiculous but serve a very good purpose. (By the way Ana after seeing myself in these I think your biker skort may be the way to go). While I don't think these protect you from the worst bumps I am guessing I will have fewer bruises.

Back to the bike ride. I am getting better at turning and stopping but I am not great at staying in a completely straight line. I am spending most of my time in 10th through 12th (my bike is a borrowed 12 speed Huffy Stalker).

On my way back to the apartment on this really old and crappy sidewalk there was a lady walking her dog, well I knew that I wouldn't be able to avoid her without falling into the grass unless she moved to the side, at least a little anyways so I called ahead that I was coming up behind her but she completely ignored me so I called again and she did turn (I think) but it was after I went flailing past her through the grass. Someone should warn these people about these wanna be triathletes out relearning how to ride a bike.

But I survived and managed not to crash or run into the lady or her dog. My legs feel pretty good but I definitely need to get into the bike shop and find a better biking route.

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