First Training Workshop

I went to the first workshop tonight. There were about 8 other people there that will be training for the Chicago Accenture Triathlon but the Team in Training coach believes there are 12 signed up for it.

We basically learned some history on the tri and about the training program we are going to be following. The first 8 weeks are going to be mostly aerobic exercise, so distance at a medium pace. So I am well on my way. The beginner workouts have 2 workouts in each discipline a week so I am also off to a good start there. I am hoping after 2 weeks I can start doing 3 workouts a week in each discipline. (Plus some stretching/strength workouts)

I have decided I should probably buy a bike so I opted to do tomorrows workout tonight and go to the bike shop tomorrow.

Went out for a 20 minute run, even got my hubby to come along with me so that was nice. It was threatening to pour but we only got a light sprinkle.

I am looking forward to having a training program that is pretty flexible and different every day :)

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