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Yeah so I felt pretty strong and fast last night on the track. I had to force myself to back it off as Hal only called for 2 miles of intervals and CK had us doing 3 (albeit with a ton more rest than usual) So i blasted out the first three quarters and then the first 800 (bombed the last 200 of that one due to the worst side stitch I have ever felt in my life, I literally had trouble walking that one off) and eased off a little bit and helped Su blast out some of her fastest track splits ever. We don't always see eye to eye but for some reason I totally understand people on the track. And last night I "got" it when I knew we were closing in on her fastest 800 and 400. I guess that is just something I get. The track is a place where we all come to achieve goals, and that is something that I get and respect.

It was an oldies night for me on the way to and from the track so i was jamming along with the oldies and feeling pretty good. It was a good night. Too bad I slept horribly. Boo!

I am debating a PR on Monday now considering the track splits. Nothing lost if I don't make it. We will see how I feel race morning, or I guess I should say race afternoon. ;)

Papa Louie and B2 were also out last night at the track producing some mad fast splits. Dang I wonder how it feels to be a speedster!


1 mile warm up:8:25.17

1:19.87 (First 79 of the season baby!)

3:14.45 (Was on 3:00 pace but had the worst side stitch of my life, I didn't think I slowed down so thats how bad it was) Should have drank some fluids! It was WARM last night.


cool down 3/4 mile 7:00


Susan said...

Great job on the track! Speedy girl.

Robb said...

Good strong track workout! I like it!

Enjoy Boston!! Can't wait to read all about it!

Running Jayhawk said...

Awesome Track Day!

I can't wait for your Race Report.

Cliff said...


Looking forward to reading your Boston marathon... :)

I wonder how the speed track will translate to actual race day.

psbowe said...

Nice split times!

Wish you lots of luck in Boston, I'll be thinking of you.

iliketoast said...

You got speed! ..... Looking great, blow them away at Boston.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Are you sure you don't have wings?

Steven said...

That first set of 400's was SMOKIN'!! Excellent job. Take it easy now and rest up for Boston.

BTW - thanks for the donation. Lance and I appreciate it!

Okolo said...

TNT will have a booth/area at the Finish line at the Boston Marathon, you can catch up with us there.

It will be at the corner of Boyston St. & Arlington St. There will be promiment TNT signs.

Looking forward to meeting you.