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Photos below are from the science museum.

After chilling a bit and getting things around for the race on Sunday we headed out to have lunch with B2 and T. We decided on California Pizza Kitchen. By far the most affordable meal we had all weekend. Very good food. Had some pizza and lettuce wraps.

After lunch we headed to the musem. We had planned on taking a duck tour. Last year David and I really enjoyed the one we went on. But unfortunately all of the tours were full until 6:30PM. So we had to alter plans.

We decided to check out the Star Wars exhibit, the butterfly house, and some of the regular exhibits. The Star Wars exhibit was pretty cool. Lots of hands on activities. We waited in line for the brief robot show. KT and I had to sit in front with the kids because some people decided they wanted to stand in front of our seats, nice. Being up close wasn't too bad except for the shock everytime something loud occured.

The butterfly house was pretty cool. A little small but tons of fluttery friends to photograph. One kept landing on this guys foot. It was pretty funny. I found out that you can actually pick up a butterfly if you need to (under extreme circumstances, like they are going to escape the butterfly house or get stepped on) without harming them but you have to hold them on the outside of their wings by their base while their wings are closed, and obviously not pinch very hard. If you pick them up in this way you won't rub off their scales. If you touch the edges of their wings that's bad.

After checking out the butterfly house we walked around the museum a bit. They had a very neat exhibit on visual perception and illusion. I got a wee bit sick playing in the science in the park section. Guess I didn't need to push so hard to start the circular motion. whoa. I am a huge science geek, so the museum was a lot of fun for me.

Post museum we changed and got ready to head to Vinny T's. Somehow half the SERC crew got the date confused so there was only a few of us. My mom was sick so she couldn't make it either. I was just not in the mood for pasta. No clue what that was about. So I got the chicken picatta with veggies and roasted potatoes, oh and a bud light. I ate the whole thing, it was delicious! Dinner company was good. JU's father and son were along for the ride and they were very genuine and that made for good conversation.

I think we finally got back to the hotel around 10pm. I wanted to head to bed directly. I got a little snippy with my mom because they couldn't decide on their spectating plans for the morning, and felt bad about it. This is why David doesn't like to come along on race weekend. When I get stressed I get a bit volatile. But that was my only bitchy occurence the whole weekend so not so bad! I am getting better!

Details on the cab ride to the buses, the bus tour through small towns of MA not called Hopkinton, meeting Okolo and Robin, the running star encounter on the way to the party, and the party to come soon.

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