Analyzing Splits

Yeah that's right I love numbers and I have to look back and compare everything to races before, and to others races who I know. I'm a freak, I know.


While looking through results posted at Boston on Monday by our running clubs' members I was intrigued that AK and I ran almost EXACTLY the same race. How crazy is that? We even hit some of the 5k splits at the exact same time. Freaky! Too bad she started in wave 2, we probably would have had a good time running together! To my knowledge AK is a pretty damn good athlete so it made me feel good to know that another runner ran the race the same way as me and had the same results (She was slightly faster).

5k 0:24:05
10k 0:48:00
15k 1:11:47
20k 1:36:19
Half 1:41:41
25k 2:00:57
30k 2:26:59
35k 2:53:41
40k 3:19:33
Pace 0:08:03
Official Time 3:31:04
Overall 6408
Gender 1044
Division 849

5k 0:24:05
10k 0:47:55
15k 1:11:47
20k 1:36:27
Half 1:41:45
25k 2:00:52
30k 2:26:16
35k 2:52:12
40k 3:18:31
Pace 0:08:03
Official Time 3:30:43
Overall 6332
Gender 1017
Division 825


WV was coming back from a stress fracture and we always get him riled up by saying he'll get beat by whichever girls in the club are running. The guys are always making bets, putting breakfast on the line. I didn't take the bet that I'd win, I should've. Turns out fresh doesn't beat prepared I guess (WV is an incredible runner and I am somewhat ashamed that I beat him).


I definitely am improving. Although this wasn't a PR when looking at the 4 marathons I've done I think I can confidently say this was my best marathon so far.

My first marathon was Richmond in 04. I ran 3:39:42. Came back and ran Boston in 3:49:50. About 10 minutes slower (Combination of preparation, conditions, injury, and the course). Ran Columbus in fall of 05 in 3:27:16. And now Boston in 3:31:04. Supposedly the course alone at Boston adds 5 minutes, if that's true then I would say I ran much better on Monday than I have so far. I can definitely say I put forth the most consistently hard effort of all 4 marathons. I didn't leave anything on any of the courses, but all have been different. This one I ran hard the whole way, no floating and hammering, just hammer hammer hammer.


The closest I came to running a mile the same as last year at Boston were miles 21 and 22. Heartbreak is the great equalizer I guess. I find it fascinating that the differences aren't more consistent. I am not sure what this means about my progress but I am definitely looking it over!

Mile 2005 2006 Difference
1 8:55 8:04 0:51
2 8:07 7:32 0:35
3 8:17 7:39 0:38
4 8:17 7:40 0:37
5 8:22 7:42 0:40
6 9:09 7:36 1:33 Bathroom Stop in 05
7 8:08 7:40 0:28
8 8:19 7:36 0:43
9 8:33 7:50 0:43
10 8:24 7:42 0:42
11 8:31 7:47 0:44
12 8:38 7:56 0:42
13 8:38 8:01 0:37
14 8:34 7:52 0:42
15 8:47 8:00 0:47
16 8:44 7:54 0:50
17 9:10 8:23 0:47
18 9:08 8:35 0:33 estimated-missed marker 05
19 9:08 8:16 0:52 estimated-missed marker 05
20 9:14 8:37 0:37
21 9:22 8:57 0:25 Heartbreak
22 8:42 8:22 0:20
23 9:14 8:24 0:50
24 9:14 8:20 0:54
25 9:04 8:15 0:49
26.2 10:59 10:17 0:42


iliketoast said...

I have to admit, I have spreadsheets with records of times and splits, so you are not alone. Your run is better than Columbus in my opinion. It also makes me wonder about fading during a race where many say it is not the best way to run.

I do have another marathon next weekend. Brisbane will be 3 weeks after Canberra.

backofpack said...

All those numbers - I usually get treated to a listing of Eric's splits after each of his races. I, on the other hand, never seem to notice mile markers, or will notice one occasionally, and even though I'm looking, miss the rest. Plus, I'm sure I'd mess up my watch if I tried to mark a split!

I think it's great that you can compare though, and I'm sure it gives you something to think about when you run.

A. M. Mericsko said...

Rock on with your bad self!

Tammy said...

My gawd woman! You are damn fast! If I could run 3:30 marathons, I'd run one every month... well, ok, maybe not THAT often, but often.

Remembering 6 hours of hell makes me nervous about this half-mara I have next month. OMG, It's like 3 weeks away!!!

Chad Austin said...

That is a very freaky comparison to AK.

Also, you should never feel ashamed for beating someone - or for someone beating you, for that matter.

jeanne said...

Wow, you are FAST! Congrats!

Anne said...

I'm just catching up from my trip and was soooo impressed with your times at the marathon. Thanks for all the great pictures too! Sounds like the race lived up to your expectations and I look forward to hearing all the details. Hooray!

Susan said...

Your comparison is cool! You are so super fast.

trifrog said...

I guess finishing in 3 1/2 hours gives you the extra time to analyze your splits in such detail ;)

One of difficulties of measuring progress or comparing marathons is that they usually occur over long expanses of time with all the contingent variables in between or are on different courses over which distances it would be impossible to map similar terrain. Add in race day variables like wind, temperature, etc and 2% differences in times are essentially insignificant. But your 8% improvement from last year IS significant despite any uncontrollable variances.

Have you plotted your mile splits on a graph yet?

Rae said...

Interesting stats! You def have a good string of 7's going in 2006. I can't believe how fast your first marathon time was, you're nuts!!