200s are freaking hard

Man what a difference a day makes. No sickness at all on or off the track tonight. No issues except for sore quads and calfs and a blister. I will take it being that it is just over a week since the marathon. Oh and the fact that I thought I was going to die yesterday!

Tonight was 4*800 and 8*200. I hate 200s. I hate them more than about anything. I would rather run 1200s or 1600s, hell I'd rather do 3200 repeats than freaking 200s. My legs just don't start turning over that fast so quickly. I need at least a 200 just to warm up through a fast 400. When I run 79 quarters the first 200 is almost always a 40 and the second 39.

It was extremely cold tonight. About 42 with an extreme wind. I swear it almost knocked me down on the last 200.

Anyways here's the workout rundown. 6.75 miles total in 55:47.

Warm up 2.25 miles

800 splits: (300-400 recovery between)


2*(4*200: 1st one glide 100, sprint 100; 2nd one glide 75, sprint 125; 3rd glide 50, sprint 150; 4th glide 25, sprint 175: 100 recovery in between each 200)


1/2 mile cool down (Stopped shy of the mile because of a blister. Didn't notice it during Boston but lost a good chunk of skin off that toe since and I didn't want to make it worse)

I swear I have no fast twitch muscles, whatsoever. How is it that I can run a 79 quarter but the fastest 200 I can manage is a 40? WTH.


qcmier said...

Glad you feel better today. Sorry you hate the 200s. They are probably my favorite track workout. Maybe next time I could pace you to a PR in the 200. =)

Remco said...

Glad to here/read that you are ok..
I thought abt it yesterday and maybe you did not eat good enough..?

Anyway, you did some great training again so I guess you are ok!

IHateToast said...

have you tried giving up form for running like a 4th grader jacked up on pixie sticks, coca cola, and cotton candy? i am not sure your time would be better, but you have to figure you'd have more fun. crack yourself up. it might also help to have your tongue hanging out and make sounds likes "glardle glardle glardle." oh, if you do this, please post video.

iliketoast said...

Ah that's how you get the speed. These workouts will make you even faster ... if that's possible superstar.

Eric said...

My two cents, for what it's worth, in my opinion.......aren't you coming back pretty hard after your marathon? You know your body best but it just seems like you are putting a lot of extra strain on your body. You had an awesome marathon and this may be a way of your body screaming, "slow down girl".

Be careful, listen to our body, it knows more than you think.

E-Speed said...

you are probably right Eric. I have a hard time with slowing down.

As for the 200s I looked back and these are actually much faster than I have run them in the past couple years. I still can't believe how slow they are though. But that is why you will never see me breaking 15 seconds in a 100 yard dash :)

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

I, on the other hand, LOVE 200s on the track. But give me 200s in the pool, and I'm not a happy camper ;-)

DaisyDuc said...

Way to get in a great workout in that weather! Funny how 40 felt warm 2 months ago, but now I cringe at the thought of it...lovely Ohio weather!

Someday soon I will try one of these track workouts!

Jessica Deline said...

That's still a heck of a lot faster than me! :) 42 degrees and windy? brrr!!

Robb said...

Regardless, that's a great workout. I agree with Eric too in that you should be taking it easy. Why pile on the pressure? I've yet to run a marathon so I can't speak from experience, however, there is certain merit in the rest cycle. None of us want to see you take on an injury. Take care.

Black Knight said...

You are very fast. I think you have already recovered the stress of the marathon.

trifrog said...

I'm with Eric on this one. Some recommend a day without racing or intense workouts for every mile raced. That might be a bit on the conservative side, but I would think at least 2 weeks is needed. You want to be able to recover and also experience the benefits to your body of actually doing the marathon - it was an awesome workout as well as a race. Now just let your body do something with that before giving it another shock.

Lana said...

I'll have to disagree with you not having any fast twitch muscles...haha...because if that's the case, my fast twitch muscles are in the negative numbers. Way negative.