EXPO time

On our trip into Boston we witnessed the madness that was the Silver Line with airport and expo traffic, so we were a little intimidated to get back on that line.

We headed over to Copley and took the Green Line to the Red Line over to where we needed to either catch a shuttle or the silver line to get to the expo at the Seaport World Trade Center.

This lady on the T overhears us trying to decide which option to take and she informs us that we should just walk and it isn't that far, we were marathoners for goodness sakes, and she could say that because she had run a marathon...okay Freak! So we start looking at the Boston walking map and consider walking, mind you we had already walked much more than anticipated that morning.

So we don't really make a decision (I'm famous for indecision) and just get off the T and get in the line for the Silver Line. And guess who's in the freaking line? That's right little miss walker lady! Another guy tells us that he heard the shuttles were the better route and he thinks he was going to try that option. Not sure why he decided to inform us of his decision but I could tell the crowded line we were currently in did not look appealing to my companions so we followed the guy up the stairs to find the shuttle.

We stood looking at the walking map on the corner trying to figure out where we were and if we could huff it (not really any signs to the shuttle). JD sees some ladies with expo bags so we ask them if it is a short walk. They reply that no it is a very long walk but that the shuttle was just down the street and pointed us in the right direction. We start to go that way and see the same guy waving at us to follow him, okay a little scary. So we get in line for the shuttle and wait as everyone is getting off. Everyone gets off and we go to get on and are informed that this was not a shuttle to the expo just from and the shuttle we need is down the street. Why didn't you tell us that before we waited in line?

So we finally find the shuttle and get on to get to the expo. It was about 120 degrees on the shuttle and we are all sweating profusely. I was SERIOUSLY regretting not changing into a short sleeve. Finally one runner couldn't take it and asked the driver to turn on the AC. I swear he turned on the heat, but it was just a short ride to the expo so we got out pretty quickly.

Surprise surprise the expo is also incredibly hot. We get our bibs, t-shirts, and some carrots and then head straight to the Adidas venue. We all wanted fleece shirts and I needed to get a backpack to replace the one I broke. We got to the expo around 1 or 2 on Saturday and there were no M,S, or XS fleece left. Hmmm change of plans. So I opted for a sports bra and the backpack as my "official" gear. Stood in line and thought I was going to die from the heat so I could try on the bra. No way I was spending that much cash on something I didn't try on.

We found our bib numbers on the wall and filled them out and took some pictures. Risko noticed that some famous Adidas runners were just setting up for signatures so we got in line for that. Risko was super excited. I felt bad because I didn't really know much about any of them. I should really pay more attention to the pro's, their names, and their accomplishments. But we got some signatures and Risko informed Tim Broe that she has a major crush on him. So funny. We got some good photos of her with him! I am glad she got to meet him. I think she asked Jen Rhine's if it was really hot in Athens, too funny!

We shopped some more. JD and I got a cool Boston shirt from Asics. And I picked up a running Tee for my baby sis. It was so hot and crowded so we had to get out of there.

We headed back to the Sheraton and I waited for my parents to come over so I could take the T to Cambridge and my hotel...


DaisyDuc said...

Not even the marathon and your trip already sounds hot and exhausting!

Why is it they never stock many of the smaller sizes...not as though most female racers are big!!

backofpack said...

I can't believe the crowds at the expo! It wears you out just struggling through there. Next chapter, please!

IHateToast said...

i, too, am stunned by the sizes they stock in women's tops for athletic events. my only guess is that the trend to wear large tops is still in. yeesh. not even enough Ms??!?
glad to see you got a new backpack to keep your stuff your stuff. i'd imagine boston would be a town rich in backpacks.
your smile tells me that all that waiting and tramping and sweating was worth it.

iliketoast said...

Back up for a second .... carrots??????????

E-Speed said...

haha Toast! The booth right by the bibs was giving out free smoothies (organic!) and carrots!

Rae said...

Why oh why are there never any Smalls left???? Especially at BOSTON!! I don't think I will ever understand that!