Just got back

From a RUN! Yesss!

Okay so it was only like a mile and a half, I didn't time it, and everything hurt. But I got out and ran.


Silly marathon preventing me from doing the thing I love for most of two weeks. Sunday in Boston was the perfect day for an easy 12 miler but could I do that, nope I had a marathon to run :)

We are off to Michigan to lunch with my grandparents and then to Wood County to check out Shark Tanks museum season opener. Should be a fun day!

More Boston tales to come!


mouse said...

yay for visiting MICHIGAN! [sidenote: we must get together during one of your trips up here] it's gorgeous in the SE part of the mitten today, so you should have a good time!

have fun!

Papa Louie said...

Have a safe and fun trip up north. See you on the track soon.

IHateToast said...

shark tanks museum... cool! blog it!

iliketoast said...

first one back after the marathon ... ouch!!!!!