Get your Boston On!

Haven't started packing quite yet.


Oh wait this isn't that kind of vacation.

Bib Number Pick up card
Running shoes
Favorite Running shorts
Running shirt
Sports bra
Running Socks, at least 3 different pairs for choices
Gels of choice
extra running clothes for the Freedom Run
Party Outfit for Boston After Partay
Flip flops
extra running shoes for touring around Boston
running mags
Eh I think I will just pack everything running related I own and I should be covered

Okolo found this great video of the course! Check it out!

Funny how those "down" hills at the start look like they are uphills. Note to self: Rolling downhills do not equal down :)

So bizarre to watch the whole course blow by in under 5 minutes. And with no spectators or runners.

Why does it feel like Friday? I am ready to run folks!

Girls Night Out tonight then I need to get to that packing mentioned above.


Casey said...


Best of luck in Boston! Jannelle and I are looking forward to your visit in May!

Kevin B said...

I wish you good running this weekend. I hope the Greek Gods of Marathon Courses are running are with you.

Bolder said...

you had me at bikini

my kind of race.

i love running along the Charles, so much history...

Cliff said...

Bikini on a race will be quite a race...

"Rolling downhills do not equal down :)".. :D

Susan said...

Good luck E! You are going to have a blast.

Susan said...

oh, and tell Jeff not to forget and call me!!!

qcmier said...

If bikini clad runners don't attract enough attention, how about the jogglers. Good luck!!!

backofpack said...

Good luck! You should probably pack all your running just never know what race day in Boston will hold.

TriSaraTops said...

Kick some booty out there and have FUN!!!

Robb said...

Go Elizabeth! Enjoy Boston1

Dori said...

Remember to Body Glide. Good Running on Monday!

Steven said...

That video was cool! It was funny where they had to get out of the car and "run" up the one-way street for a couple of blocks.

Have a great time in Bean Town. I bet you'd get a lot of attention if you ran it in the bikini!

Jessica Deline said...

That video was great!! Good luck and have fun!

Rae said...

Good luck this weekend!! You are going to do SO awesome!

Donald said...

Thanks for the Rush video - it brought a big smile to my face. I was SO into them back in the day.

I'm new to your blog...and you've got a pretty impressive race schedule going on over there. Good luck in Boston.

psbowe said...

Wish you tons of luck, kick some butt!

Scott said...

Cool video (I'm exhausted...). All the best on Monday!

Elle said...

Lots of your honour I shall eat an entire chocolate bunny while watching the mara.

The Clyde said...

You go girl, I'm pretty sure you're going to smoke the course.

What's your bib number? Nothing better to pass the time at work than following a fellow RBF member while they are doing a race.

Jay T said...

You're going to do great! Hopefully I'll catch up with you and everyone else on Sunday. If not, run hard and I'll be cheering you on somewhere along the course!