Quote of the day

"There are two refuges from the miseries of life: music and cats."-Albert Schweitzer

I think you should always make time for good music and your fluffy friends.

I should be trying to make some time to post about the holidays. Why do I find the task so daunting? I guess it is harder to do these weekends justice in a blog post than it is to write about your everyday routines.

Just so it doesn't get forgotten I did run this weekend. I got out Saturday morning and did 10 miles with my club. Over 35 of us showed to run together on the last day of the year. It was pretty warm out when I left, around 40. It was a bit colder down in Bedford though. And when it started raining it got pretty frigid. We ran pretty quickly. We went out 5 miles at around 9 minute miles and then back around 8 minute miles. A pretty hilly run although not as bad as the X-mas eve route.

Bailing on my regular tuesday run tonight. Hoping to get caught back up at work and home, and maybe with my blog ;) I will probably ride tonight.

Holiday posts to come soon, I hope :)


robtherunner said...

It is always nice to end the year with a good run. I hope you are able to get things caught up.

iliketoast said...

Warm? warm! ..... 40 .... warm .... Have you guys changed to Celsius?

E-Speed said...

yep I agree Rob!

lol 40 is warm enough for shorts!