Got up early as planned and went to swim at Peak. Not too many TNT early birds this week but Curly Su came out of hiding and we did the first swim camp workout together. Unfortunately I won't really be able to do the full swim camp until I get back from AZ.

I get to put off finding a gym a wee bit longer. Right now I can go Thursdays to swim with TNT, and when I get back from AZ I have a free month membership to Peak. My plan is to use that to its fullest and determine if the drive down to Broadview Heights a few times a week won't kill me, and if I can get my money's worth out of an annual membership. CK hooked it up with the free pass so big Kudos to him!

Lucky for me they had my watch ready and waiting for me this morning! BONUS! So I was able to time my workout :) Yay. You have no idea how much I missed my Timex this week!

So the major difference between this weeks workout and last weeks is that I got to swim easy for a few laps today ;) Yay!

Got in 3000 yards with Curly Su.

Run Down:
Warm up set- 4*250 yds (150 free, 50 stroke, 50 kick)
Speed- 8*50 yds (25 easy, 25 build up) on 1:00 send off
Endurance- 500 yds Time Trial (8:03)
100 yds easy
5*100 yds on 2:00 send off (75 free, 25 back)
Breathing Cool Down- 2*250 yds easy pull (focus on breathing, first 250 every 7th stroke, second 250 normal breathing every 5th stroke)
Total Time: Around an hour and ten minutes.

I felt fine on the warm up. I did the first and 2nd sets with back as my choice stroke. Then I did the third as breast (froggy style). 4th 25 fly/25 breast. CK wanted to look at my fly kick so I did the last 50 fly instead of kick. (75 fly baby I am kick a$$! I swear this stroke is freaking hard, although if racing I would choose it over breast anyday because I suck at froggy style!)
The 50s were pretty easy. I pushed too hard on the first build up but other than that they went by easily.
I was a slacker on the 500. I probably should have gone out faster but I was playing it conservative. Thats okay, that means my 1500 pace at the end of swim camp will definitely be better than this weeks 500 pace ;)
The set of 100s suprised me. Last week I did the 100 free sets on 2:00. I guess for some reason I had it in my head that that would be difficult today. Wasn't at all. Even though I did the last 25 backstroke each one I was consistently coming in between 1:38 and 1:43.

Background behind swim camp. CK wants some of the TNT peeps to swim every weekday for two weeks straight (he provides workouts). By the end your 1500 yd pace should be significantly faster than your 500 yd pace was at the start.

So the shoes I ordered come with LOOK inserts not my SPDs. But luckily for me Century Cycles is hooking me up and ordering the SPD adapters for me and I should be getting them next Saturday. Looks like I will be making a trip down to Peninsula for a Saturday trail run and stopping by to pick up my gear! AACK make that a Friday trail run. Just remembered I leave for AZ on Saturday. Yikes time flies.

I am not feeling quite as exhausted as last week on Thursday. Maybe I will get the hang of this early bird thing? Of course I didn't have to douse a couch with enzymes when I got home today...

Debating a run...but I may just lounge around with my boys.

OH HUGE SHOUT OUT to Okolo! I LOVE my new header!


Okolo said...

Your swim workouts make me feel like a slacker.

You're welcome for he header, just remember to send folks to www.bloggerheadz.com if they want to make their own header, or want a custom one.


Keryn said...

I love your header too! It's really cool!

I'd get one, but I can't figure out how to modify my header on supersized.com. :(

Great workout!

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

Nice swim times, and an even nicer header!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Nice swim!! I like your workout - I think I am going to filch it, and use it tonight! Thanks!! Have a great weekend!

Kurt in Boston said...

Yes, nice header. I think I need to update the look of my blog soon.

So you're doing the AZ Half now, right? Let me know if you want to meet up (my wife and I and a couple friends) for Mexican food (AFTER the race) - probably Los Olivos in Scottsdale.

Know of any other RBF'ers running? Maybe we need a meet-up place at the expo, or after the race.

Steven said...

Excellent job on the swim workout. And the header is very nice.

Andy "Zulu" McCollum said...

Rock on swimmer. I sucked water this morning, I think I need to kick it up a notch.

Nice workouts!'


Cliff said...

I guess froggy style is for sinkers like me. That's the only style I am good at.

My friend once told me he was so bad froggy style that he went backwards after the kick....hmm hilarious :)

The new header is excellent.

Kevin B said...

Just put together that you are going to AZ for the Rock-n-Roll 1/2 marathon. That appears to be a fantastic event - with live bands every 1/2 mile you probably won't even notice you are running. Good luck in the race. I am also stealing your swim workout, although I am not sure I can finish the whole thing and I only do 1 kind of stroke.

Rae said...

Arizona sounds like a nice warm break from Ohio! Are you going to get a chance to meet up with Tammy?

Have a great weekend!